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Reversity University
Reversity university plan
Students of Reversity University will receive a weekly set of hand-picked educational resources to support their specific health goals and deepen their understanding of the science of diabetes reversal.
Reversity University is a personalized self-study course for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the scientific and nutritional principles that underlie our program. We all know how difficult it can be to find high-quality, evidence-based, information about nutrition on the Internet. If you want to spend less time on Google and more time on content, this is the plan for you! Every Reversity University course is tailored to your specific areas of interest and health goals.
Each week, we will ask you to indicate your area of focus for the upcoming week. You are welcome to either choose from our list of suggested topics or create your own topic related to the science of diabetes reversal and the regulation of body weight. You can keep the same topic for multiple weeks to extend your knowledge with additional in-depth resources or move to a new area of interest.
Sample topics include:
Diabetes Reversal: An Introduction
Nutritional Ketosis
Nutritional Ketosis vs. Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Understanding Insulin Resistance
Hormonal Regulation of Weight
Glycemic Index and Carbohydrate Quality
Types of Dietary Fats
The Omega 6:3 Ratio and Heart Disease
Keto, Low-Carb, or Atkins - A Comparison
A collection of curated educational resources (videos, presentations, articles, and interactive quizzes), hand-picked for you by our team of experts, will be delivered to your inbox each week. To accomodate your personal learning style, we ask you to specify your preferred course format: video-only, text-only, or hybrid.
Educational and motivational resources to support your journey. We realize that changing your way of eating is an enormous challenge, and we are determined to provide the tools and information to help you succeed. Every few days we will send relevant videos, lectures, and articles, hand-picked by our team of experts to support your health goals and current action plans.

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