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About Reversity
Our story
Reversity was founded on the conviction that adult-onset diabetes and obesity are reversible conditions. Type 2 diabetes was largely unheard of 100 years ago. We see it as a product of our high-carb, sugar-rich, food environment and decades of misguided nutritional recommendations.
At the doctor's office, most people with diabetes are managed with a combination pills and insulin. Diabetes medications, however, do not treat the underlying insulin resistance, which then continues to progress over time. We offer a radical alternative that you will not hear at most doctors' offices: true diabetes reversal through diet and lifestyle change. Our emphasis is on diet quality rather than quantity; you will NOT be counting calories at Reversity!
How do we reverse diabetes? For most people struggling with excess weight, prediabetes, or diabetes, we recommend a low-carbohydrate diet based on healthy sources of protein, fats, and green vegetables. This way of eating promotes rapid, sustainable, weight loss and restores insulin sensitivity. Every person is unique; we will work with you to determine the macronutrient ratio that is ideal for your personal physiology and health goals.
Is a high-fat diet healthy? Yes! Decades of studies have proven that low-fat, high-carb diets are ineffective for weight loss, and in fact promote the development of obesity and diabetes. But not all fats are created equal. At Reversity, we focus on minimizing your omega-6:omega-3 ratio to increase your HDL levels, reduce inflammation, and lower your the risk of heart disease.
No two people are alike. Similarly, no two clients at Reversity will follow the same plan to reverse their disease. Through intensive one-on-one consultation with Dr. Harris and our team of experts, your Reversity Plan will be formulated to achieve your personal health goals. Whether you tend to cook from scratch, eat out, or only have time for the drive thru, we can provide a concrete roadmap to help you succeed without changing your food budget or daily routines.
We do not offer or promote prepackaged meals, dietary supplements, or medications. If you are currently under the care of a physician for diabetes or prediabetes, it is important that you discuss all dietary changes with your physician.
Do you take insulin? Most insulin-dependent individuals following our recommendations will need to gradually decrease, and in many cases discontinue, their use of insulin. You will simply not need it as your carbohydrate intake decreases. In a recent study, 94% of individuals on a low-carbohydrate diet reduced or eliminated their need for insulin.
Reversity is a culmination of a decade of critical research into the science of diabetes reversal and weight loss, and a radical departure from a doctor's visit and a prescription. If you are ready to be healthy again without medications, this is the plan for you. We are excited to invite you to join us!
Our founder
Dr. Lynne Harris
Dr. Lynne Harris, MS, PhD, received her master's degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine and her doctorate from the University of Washington School of Public Health. She has been studying diabetes management and obesity for 15 years, and has been published by the
MIT Press
and leading peer-reviewed journals such as
Diabetes Care
Medical Care
. Her research at the University of Washington has focused on transforming the management of diabetes by connecting patients and health care providers through technology. She lives in Seattle with her two children, dogs Belle and Cosmo, and backyard chickens.
Our team
Danielle Turco
Danielle Turco, Health Coach
Danielle is an AFAA certified Personal Trainer. She has successfully managed her lupus and automimmune conditions with a ketogenic diet. Helping people feel better and heal through real food is her passion. She lives on Long Island, NY with her husband, two children and their teddy bear dog Augie.
Dariana Valcarcel
Dariana Valcarcel, Operations
Dariana holds a bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration and a master's degree in Psychology. She lives in sunny California with her husband, two children, and pet pig.
Cale Sennett
Cale Sennett, Web Developer
Cale holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Illinois Wesleyan University. He has worked for Shopify and founded a career exploration platform for K-12 students. Cale lives in Seattle and enjoys baking sourdough, taking photographs, and writing and playing music.

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